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What is a Life Settlement?
A Life Settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party for a value in excess of the cash surrender value but less than the death benefit Life Settlements represent an important solution for a growing number of people who thought they were stuck with a life insurance policy they no longer need. Many people do not realize a life insurance policy is their personal property and can be sold.


  • The seller receives cash
  • The buyer pays all future premiums
  • The buyer receives the death benefit upon the death of insured
Qualifying for a Life Settlement
Working with LPT
You probably have clients that have lapsed or surrendered their policies without knowing that a life settlement was an option. Lapsing a policy leaves your client nothing and surrendering it leaves them with little to no cash value. However policies that qualify for a settlement can typically be sold for up to four times more the cash surrender value. Use the pre-qualify a policy form to see if your client’s policy qualifies for a settlement.    
What is the Process
  1. Submit a life settlement application, medical questionnaire, HIPAA form and an in-force illustration from the insurance company
  2. LPT will review and qualify the policy. If your policy qualifies, LPT will call you with an informal range of offers
  3. LPT will obtain medical records and life expectancy report on the insured
  4. LPT will extend a formal offer
Pre-Qualifying a Policy

Please download and complete forms LPT Medical Questionnaire & HIPPA 102017 Information Sheet

Sell Your Client's Policy
The first step is to determine if your client’s policy qualifies for a life settlement. In order to qualify a policy, we need an information sheet, a medical questionnaire and HIPPA, and a current assumption illustration showing level premiums to maturity. Once these requirements are received, LPT will determine if your client’s policy qualifies and determine a potential range of offers. The initial evaluation will take 5 – 7 business days.    


Download Application

Submit to submissions@lptsettlements.com or mail to our office


Medical Pre-Screen

Download Medical Pre-Screen Questionnaire

Submit to submissions@lptsettlements.com or mail to our office