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About Us

Life Policy Traders, Inc. (LPT) provides strategic solutions to managed funds, pension plans and other institutional investors seeking to minimize volatility through alternative asset allocation.

Since asset allocation is the primary determinant of performance, particularly for a global manager, we focus our intellectual capital on analyzing insurance based assets to match our clients’ investment time horizon and future liabilities.

Our Strategy

LPT brings to market an in-depth knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. The key to successful execution is the ability to capitalize upon the inefficiencies of the secondary insurance marketplace. Through extensive analysis, we uncover arbitrage opportunities within the market particularly in insurance and longevity underwriting.

We assist our clients in allocating capital across longevity based assets designed to minimize exposure to global markets. Since these investments are uncorrelated to traditional investments, they provide diversification for existing portfolios as well as the potential for above average yields relative to credit quality. LPT works with clients to structure investment solutions that meet specific needs and overall investment goals.

Our consultative approach to longevity based investing includes asset/liability analysis, tailored portfolio construction, asset servicing, due diligence and regulatory compliance.

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Phone: 973-299-4480


Octagon 10 Office Center
1719 Route 10, Suite 233
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054




Octagon 10 Office Center
1719 Route 10, Suite 233
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054